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For over the past twenty years, audiences from all over have enjoyed and appreciated the close-up sleight-of-hand magic and stand-up comedy of Matt Vizio.

Amazing, baffling, and hilarious are only a few things that people have said each time they see him in action.  Currently based in Pasadena, CA – but going wherever the work takes him, he has been all throughout Europe, South America, and even New Zealand.  Not as a magician, but he has been there!

Come on in, make yourself at home, and check out everything these pages have to offer.  Be sure to also follow Matt on Twitter and Instagram so you can be a part of all the latest news, events, and happenings.  Drop a line or make that call, let Matt see how he can make your next event that much more special and memorable.  Welcome!


Honest Deception
Honest Deception: Matt Vizio
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