Matt's interest in magic actually started out at the family poker table several years ago when he was just a little boy. Every year when the family Christmas dinner was over with, playing cards and poker chips would come out for cards games and wagering. It was at this time where he fell in love with what playing cards could do for fun and entertainment. Even when he was too young to play, Matt would just walk around the table watching everyone else holding their cards, reminiscing about the past, and playing poker well into the night. Sometimes Matt would even sit on other family members laps and look at their cards just do he could "play" with them. This would only last for a short time when finnally one day the other family members allowed him in for real along with everyone else. After several years of playing at the family table, he was able to develop his skill at handling, shuffling, and dealing cards in a calm and professional manner.


It was several years later when while in high school where Matt visited the local magic shop to purchse some playing cards where fate intervened. After walking inside, the employee behind the counter performed one card trick for Matt as a demonstration, but that one card trick changed everything - which is still remembered today. He felt just like a little kid again walking around the poker table wanting in on the action and wanting to know how everything was done. Matt drove home absolutely baffled at what he had just witnessed - and could not get enough of it! The very next day, he went back to the same magic shop as before, but this time with more money to buy his first book on card magic and learn everything that he could.


Every day after that, as soon as Matt would return home form school, he would finish his homework as quickly as possible so he could hten grab his cards and train obsessively late into the night. All of the daily practicing eventually paid off leading him to audition for junior membership to the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, CA. This is an historic magic club where many guests and celebrrities attend regularly to watch magicians perform seven nights a week. Matt auditioned in the Parlour of Prestidigitation along with several other hopefulls, where afterwards was granted junior membership status to the club.


After graduating from high school, Matt then went onto study at the University of Redlands where he attended school during the day and continue his sleight-of-hand training at night. He would also perform anywhere needed whether it was a dormitory, sorority / fraternity house, or local city function. During those formidable years, Matt developed his own style of performing, gainged experience handling many different types of venues and people, as well as making several friends and fans along the way. After four years of school and magic, he graduated from the University with a double B.A. in Business as well as French.

Today, Matt resides in Pasadena, California where he still hones his craft and performs wherever there is work while also still maintaining his membership to The Magic Castle - now as an adult. If you are looking for some unique entertainment for your next social function, fundraiser, or any other special event, feel free to contact Matt Vizio so he can show you how he can make your next event that much more special - honest.

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