Why Should I Hire You? What Is Your Experience?

If you are looking for some entertainment, but are not sure whether to hire a band, an emcee, or comedian, why not a magician instead? Close-up sleight-of-hand magic is the perfect choice for your next event whater it may happen to be. There is no big equipment or setup to worry about, it is easy to mingle thru crowds before or during your event, or the magic itself can be the main attraction while everyone watches and participates. With this unique form of entertainment, your event will be different from other functions you may have attended in the past. This will make you stand out more and have people talk about when it is done.

I have performed in many different types of areas and venues over several years which has given me a well rounded education on what to do as well as how to handle any given situation. Past venues I have performed in range from comedy to private clubs, dormitories to university halls, and street fairs to private residences all around the Southern California area.

Why Should I Use You

The biggest advantage in hiring myself for your company is that I can tailor my show to fit YOUR needs. If you have a certain product, catch phrase, or theme that you would like your customers to know about, I am more than able to adapt and make sure that everyone knows what you would like them to remember. This will in no way diminish the magic they will see and it will certainly get them to talk even more about your company when they walk away. Magic is universally known and piques everyone's interest - especially when it is performed right in front of them and I personally get as many people as I can involved. If you also have any product giveaways, I will make sure that they are handed out as well, especially if you have someone particular in mind.

What Should I Expect

You will recieve nothing but top notch customer service from myself to you the client and whoever else I will be performing for. Whether it is for a fundraiser, promotional event, or social function, you will always end up with a magical and very entertaining show.

What Separates You From Other

I do not carry large and heavy equipment when I perform so you will not have to worry about big audio microphones, huge illusions, or even much in the way of props. I have performed in several types of social situations in my experience and am able to adapt my show to fit your needs whether it is strolling thru a crowd of people, performing for an intimate group at a table, or doing stand-up for larger crowds. In each and every case, I will take down the invisible barriers between strangers giving them somehitng to talk about as well as breaking the ice for everyone who may be meeting for the first time. Everyone is involved in some way which makes them more exicted which not many music bands can do and I also have much comedy built into each of my presentations which is included when you hire me in any capacity - although it might be best if I do NOT sing.

How Much Do You Charge?

That depends on what type of show you are looking for and how many people will be attending. The areas that I perform and have experience in range from small intimate gatherinds to larger groups of fifty. I would be more than happy to go over the performing packages that I offer and then send them to you so you will be able to see what would work best for you and your given situation. There have also been times when I have been asked to work "overtime" when a show has ended, and that is an option as well. In any case, feel free to call or email so we can talk about how I can best serve you.

Do You Require a Deposit?
What Separates You From

Yes. A deposit of half the full performance fee and a signed performance agreement

I have been studying and performing close-up sleight-of-hand magic for over fifteen years in several types of venues from informal gatherings to very formal social events. I have also worked as Manager in the retail industry which has given me a unique advantage in dealing with all types of people, situations, and product pormotions.

What Methods of Payment Do

Cash, Credit Cards Thru Square App, and PayPal

What Are The Rules For

There is no audio or video recording of Matt Vizio's performance allowed nor for anything to be posted on the Internet including websites like YouTube, Facebook, Myspace, etc.

Photos - if taken by a hired and professional photographer - during a performance may be allowed only if it is officially cleared with Matt at least 24 hours before the event takes place AND there is an agreement in place to provide Matt with high-resolution copies of the photos taken. Any photographs that are taken may not be used for commercial use without written permission by Matt himself.

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